Mohican Optics specializes in Optical Networking.  Because of our focus and not over diversifying our portfolio, we are able to out deliver our competition in higher volume deployments.  Mohican Optics SFP modules are engineered specifically for supporting Firewalls, Thin Clients, Switches, and all other Ethernet Communications.

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"There is no doubt that after working with Mohican Optics, we will be your easiest and most reliable vendor.  Seriously, you'll love us!"
              - Sheila WhiteFeather, Mohican Optics

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Mohican Optics is a Small Native American affiliated company with a headquarters in Blaine, MN.  We have decades of  collective knowledge and experience that  give us a unique advantage in providing network solution products to growing companies.  Our manufacturing facility distribution channels are streamlined such that we are able to provide the most value and innovation per dollar spent by providing a satisfaction guarantee for every product provided.

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